Hadoop Ecosystem Specialist/Consultant (Telecommute)

Pythian · Jul 2nd 2017

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 **Remote/Work From Home Opportunity **

Hadoop Ecosystem Specialist/Consultant

Why You?

Do you thrive on solving tough problems under pressure? Are you motivated by fast-paced environments with continuous learning opportunities? Do you enjoy collaborating with a team of peers who push you to constantly up your game?

At Pythian, we are building a Site Reliability Engineering team that is focused on Hadoop service operations and open source, cloud-enabled infrastructure architecture. We need motivated and talented individuals on our teams, and we want you!

You’ll act as a technology leader and advisor for our clients, as well as a mentor for other team members.  Projects would include things such as Hadoop deployment, upgrade, disaster planning, system and ecosystem tuning, infrastructure architecture, performance analysis, deployment automation, and intelligent monitoring.

You will work with amazing clients from small, high-velocity startups to large enterprises with complex, hybrid infrastructures and large data processing requirements.

Pythian Perks

  • **Flexible environment: **Work remotely from home.

  • **Outstanding people: **Collaborate with the industry’s top minds.

  • Generous vacation: Start with a minimum 3 weeks’ vacation.

  • Personalized training allowance: Hone your skills or learn new ones; experiment and explore using our in-house sandbox; participate in professional development days.

  • Fun, fun, fun: Blog during work hours; take a day off and volunteer for your favorite charity.

Key Responsibilities

  • Deploy, operate, maintain, secure and administer solutions that contribute to the operational efficiency, availability, performance and visibility of our customers’ infrastructure and Hadoop platform services, across multiple vendors (i.e. Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR).

  • Gather information and provide performance and root cause analytics and remediation planning for faults, errors, configuration warnings and bottlenecks within our customers’ infrastructure, applications and Hadoop ecosystems.

  • Deliver well-constructed, explanatory technical documentation for architectures that we develop, and plan service integration, deployment automation and configuration management to business requirements within the infrastructure and Hadoop ecosystem.

  • Understand distributed Java container applications, their tuning, monitoring and management; such as logging configuration, garbage collection and heap size tuning, JMX metric collection and general parameter-based Java tuning.

  • Observe and provide feedback on the current state of the client’s infrastructure, and identify opportunities to improve resiliency, reduce the occurrence of incidents and automate repetitive administrative and operational tasks.

  • Contribute heavily to the development of deployment automation artifacts, such as images, recipes, playbooks, templates, configuration scripts and other open source tooling.

The position requires specialized knowledge and experience in installing, configuring and upgrading MySQL databases & MySQL Administration. debugging skills, MongoDB and Scripting/automation tooling experience is a huge plus.

Why You?

Are you community minded? Do you blog, contribute to the Open Source community?  Are you inspired by ever-shifting challenges, constant growth and collaboration with a team of peers who push you constantly to up your game?  At Pythian, we are actively shaping what it means to be an open-source database engineer and administrator, and we want you to be a part of the world’s largest team of MySQL, Cassandra, and MongoDB professionals.

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