Full Stack JavaScript Engineer

Werlabs · Jul 4th 2017

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We are making prevention a reality for users, practitioners and populations.

As a Front end engineer you will be one of our core members. We are a supercharged team of developers and we are looking forward to bring new coders in to help us on our journey. You will have large responsibilities from day one. What you do will have actual impact on our users and Werlabs as a company. Your opinions and ideas will matter.

Above all, your work will impact the way the world experiences healthcare.


  • Responsible for architectural design and implementation of new features including in particular, but not limited to, the AngularJS app(s).

  • Responsible for the quality of all code produced, with regards to performance, reliability, scalability, maintainability and readability.

  • Helping colleagues to improve their work, in particular through code reviews, but also by taking in interest in their work and by being helpful.

  • Contributing to the overall plan for the company, by breaking goals down into tasks, estimate their complexity and deliver in a timely manner.

Apply on StackOverflow Careers