Senior Software Engineer

Honeycomb TV Limited · Jul 3rd 2017

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We are looking for experienced Software Engineers to join our team. We are a largely Ruby stack, moving from a Rails monolith to separate services. We have an open mind when it comes to what these services are written in. They currently include Ruby, Elixir and Go. We also have some Node and a bit of Python - the latter mainly for ops.

We run in AWS and are expanding into Azure. We use Log Entries, Hosted Graphite, New Relic, Pingdom, Airbreak and other SaaS. We use Ansible, Docker, Jenkins and CircleCI for provisioning, build and deployment, we run primarily on Linux with some services on Windows.

We have an office in Farringdon but team members are free to work remotely / from home. The whole team gets together in the office once a week. We tend to be on Slack a lot.


  • You will solve problems and create value through solid, testable, operationally robust software.

  • You will mentor junior Software Engineers. Share your knowledge and experience for the benefit of the whole team.

  • You can collaborate with Product, UX & Design, QA and Operations.

  • You will be part of the complete software development life-cycle, from understanding the goal, to writing tests and code, through to deployment, operation and evolution of the system.

  • You will work with the Head of Architecture as we move to a Service Oriented Architecture

Honeycomb is a place of equal opportunity. We are on a journey to make our team “diverse by construction” and welcome applicants from all backgrounds, gender and ethnicity.

Would you like to join us?

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