Senior Angular / Node Developers

Recordsure · Jul 3rd 2017

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At Recordsure we pride ourselves on our development professionalism, using as many modern practices & tools as suit the things we need to build.

Agile practices are our norm, whilst we organise ourselves on Jira, Atlassian and GitHub, keeping in constant daily contact with one-another on Skype.

We love delivering, innovating & collaborating and support each other in our individual learnings and group challenges.

You will work remotely for us, probably from your home in Eastern Europe or the APAC region, and we will do everything possible to make you feel part of the team... including a trip to London once or twice a year.

You will be expected to work 8 hours per weekday. To ensure effective communication with the rest of the team, and also to take part in required agile ceremonies and meetings, your working day must include the hours 10:00 to 14:00 GMT, including during British Summer Time.

About the job

You’ll be joining our front-end team, working primarily with Angular.js on our web portal application. Strong experience is required in this area along with its underpinnings: JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

The web portal enables users to access and search records, listen to recordings, perform administration tasks, configure and view reports, view dashboard metrics, and see the results of our speech, semantic analysis and other machine learning system outputs. Some of the features you’ll be building will be straightforward CRUD, while others will involve rich and highly bespoke functionality.

We also have a server side component written in Node.js for performing administrative functions relating to organisations, users, authentication, etc. You must have at least an intermediate level of Node.js experience. We’ll provide you with the support necessary to build your experience to an advanced level if necessary.

How to apply

There should be a link on this page that will enable you to apply for this job by taking you to a screening test. The password is contained within this job advert to ensure you have at least read and understood some of it. The password is the same as the tool we primarily use for our daily communication, and should be entered in lower case.

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